NCTS Ltd employed Drive Lines Technologies Ltd to assist in updating and improving the frontage of Ripon Cathedral, set in the heart of North Yorkshire.

The Cathedral, which dates back to 672 AD, began the project in January 2012 to improve the visitor experience to the west of the building.

The Narthex Project as it is named consists of a bronze framework structure with glass panels. The glass panels above each of the three doors are embellished with etchings depicting the life of Saint Wilfrid, founder of the Cathedral, and will be officially opened later this year. The new glass porch will fill the Nave with light, and allow visitors to see the full majesty of the Cathedral’s interior from outside.

Drive Lines supplied geared motors consisting of a PGE 50/1 planetary gearbox coupled with a 3ph 0.6 kW motor for the outer oak door opening system. The outer doors can now be left open as the glass porch cures the problem of wind blast through the Nave.

Commenting on the project the Dean said, ‘This forms another part of the development of the Cathedral……… We hope that these new doors will encourage more people to visit this historic church, which has stood here as a symbol of our Christian faith and heritage for over 1300 years.’

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