MS-Graessner, a brand supplied by Drive Lines,  has applied some advanced engineering technology into the ReWalk®-System, an example of human-machine technology.

ReWalk®- System changes the lives of paraplegic people enabling them to stand upright and reach objects previously unobtainable in a wheelchair. The system involves a computer controlled exoskeleton which holds the patient upright and retains their hand, shoulder and arm functions. The ReWalk®- System allows patients to stand, walk and even climb stairs!

ReWalk® works by using drive motors in the joints along with motion sensors controlled by a computer. MS-Graessner supply the bevel gears which enable the system to work. Each ReWalk® frame requires four sets of gears, two on the hips and two on the knees. One important factor in using MS-Graessner Bevel gears was the low noise which helps smooth running of the system.

ReWalk® to date has been used most successfully and notably at the London 2012 Marathon where a paraplegic woman used the system to walk the marathon completing it in 16 days!

MS Graessner products are available from Drive Lines Technologies Ltd in the UK. The high precision and smooth running of the gears are perfect for automation, machines tools and robotics.

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