On the greens of the golf course silence is golden. That is why IMS Gear was called upon to supply low noise gearboxes to a new range of electronically driven golf caddies.

A standard motor was selected and matched to a 32mm diameter planetary gearbox to fit space and torque requirements. With a ratio of 46:1 the main objective was to reduce running noise. In the 1st stage, plastic-material helical planet gears were used from the low-noise program together with the corresponding low-noise helical ring gear.

The 2nd stage consisted of steel planet gears due to the demanding duty requirements of the application.

Additionally, the use of ball bearings on the output shaft resulted in optimum load handling of the radial and axial forces . And finally, the PM 32, two stage planetary unit was able to fit the space restrictions by connecting to the motor via a specially designed flange.

Detailed tests, in the IMS Gear noise laboratory and also on the golf course utilizing portable sound measuring equipment documented the already satisfactory subjective impressions with actual quantitative numbers.

The results were a sound pressure level of merely 53dB(A) under load.

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