The expertise of USAutomation was called upon when a laser vision correction machine was designed in the USA. The application called for a number of programmable axes to aim a series of mirrors and filters, used to direct a laser during corrective vision surgery. During the research and development phase of the machine the customer recognized that they had to position the focusing elements to a high degree but were unsure of the combination of rotary and linear needs.

After discussions with the customer, USAutomation chose to use the

Accuriss 28 intelligent step motor for the following reasons:

  • easy programming,
  • requires minimal wiring,
  • small dimensions suitable for the size constraints,
  • superb rotary positioning capabilities

The Accuriss 28 is a single source solution of a combined high precision step motor and programmable driver. The customer decided on USAutomation as their supplier due to the compact packaging, price, and the confidence from USAutomation’s track record in supplying the Accuriss 28 in high volumes in similar applications.

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