Ordered a Screw Jack? Bought a screw jack previously and require lubricant? Look no further then Drive Lines.

Our new Divinol Lithogrease 1500 is suitable for all our screw jacks. Simply request a 1kg tub with your order and re-order when required.

The grease is suitable for roller and slide bearings with a high mechanical and thermal load as well as lubrication for spindle gears.

Our product brochures inform you when best to re-lubricate the screw jacks, or call our sales engineers who will be able to assist on 01234 360689.

Features include:

  • High class lithium soap grease
  • water resistant
  • corrosion and oxidation resistant
  • excellent wear protection properties
  • suitable for high temperatures
  • longer lifetimes with less lubrication resulting in less grease consumption
  • classification ISO-L-XBDHA1 as per ISO/DIS 6743-9
  • classification K1 N-20 as per DIN 51825