When a new maintenance manager took on the role within a truck wheel polishing company LM76 received  a call asking for a solution to a costly and un-productive issue with a buffing system.

A wheel buffing production line was hindered every few weeks by damaged or disintegrated bearings being caused by corrosives and friction. The system that needed adapting involved a 2500 Ib load moving at 4 inches per second using abrasive sticky substances to polish truck wheels.

Originally bellows were installed to prevent build-up of substances on the bearings  – although they were changed regularly , the sticky substances would stick to bearings and harden and the tracks would be clogged with product. This meant both bearings and shaft were routinely replaced with cost and time implications.

LM76 took on the challenge and designed the beryllium copper scraper seal!

Black Racer ceramic coated linear bearings were chosen due to their tough material, long life and because they have no mechanical components. The scraper seal was used as it has zero clearance and is exceptionally rigid. It can trap lubricant and distribute it in a fine line uniform along the shaft. This film reduces friction and the wetted shaft forms a barrier between media and steel. When the scraper moves along the barrier it will lift build up / media or debris off the shaft to the end .

Standard cylindrical pillow block and shafting were chosen in keeping with the original design along with a steel end cap retainer ring that pins the beryllium scraper seal against the bearing face.