R+W Antriebselemente, the market leading German coupling and torque limiter manufacturer has now introduced an industrial range catalogue to highlight products suitable for heavy duty /large scale applications.

The rugged ST range of safety couplings can give overload protection up to 165,000Nm in areas such as timber processing, tunnel boring machines, industrial shredders and bulk material handling among other applications. The couplings are backlash free, with zero maintenance and adjustable disengagement torque setting

Vibrations damping EK Servomax elastic jaw couplings are designed especially for applications where vibration, shock and misalignment need to be absorbed such as pump systems, conveyors, crushers and shredders. They are also electrically isolating and backlash free with high misalignment compensation.

The torsionally stiff BX bellows couplings are widely used wherever precise power transmissions is required, such as test benches, printing machinery and CNC machine tools. Available in standard torque ranges up to 100,000 Nm, shaft sizes up to 280mm diameter and various hub connections.

The new LP range of high strength disc pack couplings are widely used in oil and gas processing environments with the LPA version complying with AP1610 requirements. The couplings benefit from R+W’s unique system of transferring torque purely by friction across the disc pack, and not via the bolts thus giving virtually infinite life.

For very high torque requirements the BZ flexible gear coupling with torque transfer up to 348,000 Nm can provide high misalignment compensation at low cost.

In hazardous areas such as oil and gas and chemical petrochemical operations, R+W supply ATEX compliant, safety, bellows, elastomer and disc couplings.

For more information download the new Industrial Couplings brochure here or contact Drive Lines with your application.