Drive Lines Technologies are proud to announce they are now official partners of ADE-Werk, representing their products in the UK & Ireland. ADE-Werk is a leading German manufacturer of electric linear actuators for many different industrial and infrastructure applications.

As well as a standard range of industrial actuators, a major business sector of ADE is the bespoke manufacture and supply of electric actuators for the operation of canal lock gates, penstocks, weirs and bridges which ADE group under the term ‘Hydraulic Steel Structures’.  The growing trend throughout Europe is to replace traditional hydraulically operated actuators, with their associated environmental risk of leaking oil and high maintenance costs, with clean, quiet and efficient electrically operated actuators.  Since their first installation in 1995, ADE has supplied over 900 drives of this type in Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Ian Carr, Drive Lines General Manager, says after his recent visit to ADE:

‘We are pleased and excited to be partnering ADE-Werk.  Although we have had dealings with ADE for several years, the relationship is now on an official footing and we are well placed to introduce the ADE special products in to the UK.  Britain & Ireland have an extensive canal and waterway network which it is justifiably proud of, and we are looking forward to engaging with this industry to supply environmentally beneficial solutions using well proven technology’.

Drive Lines pride ourselves on our level of customer support and technical competence.  If you have a potential project requiring ADE products, the first step is to complete a technical questionnaire with the application details to allow us to size a suitable actuator.  We are then happy to visit site with you to discuss any special considerations before submitting a tailored quotation.

For full details of the ADE range see the relevant product pages on the website.