LM76, US leaders in linear guidance and suppliers to Drive Lines Technologies Ltd, were approached to build a food assembly line fit to pass US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

A dairy machinery manufacturer was experiencing problems with its current linear system. After each shift the filling line in the factory is washed down with a caustic foaming agent used to kill bacteria. This was resulting in parts of the line corroding and pitting which in turn meant dairy deposits were trapped and bacteria grew.

The solution was a system that was removable to be washed daily and also corrosion proof-  the answer came from LM76. The chosen system uses FDA Compliant self – lubricating stainless steel bearings on a 316 stainless steel shaft coated in Armoloy to reduce stick and increase resistance. This coating raises hardness from Rb25 to Rb78 to prevent corrosion. The shaft was then supported with a ceramic coated aluminium ‘T’ support. The ceramic coating is corrosion resistant. The system also dismantles to allow for easy and thorough wash down.

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