On Thursday 17th May our Technical Sales Manager, Matt Jones, took a selection of products from our extensive range and demonstrated them at the Fanuc Robotics in-house Product Awareness Day, showcasing the new products and variety of applications that each suits.

The versatility and capabilities of our mechanical product range mean that the applications and designs they can be utilised for are limited only by your imagination – from standard warehouse and factory processing through to hugely innovative one-off projects that revolutionise the modern world.

Fanuc Robotics are known for designing and creating a range of products and solutions that push the boundaries of modern robotics and engineering, and the product awareness day is a great opportunity to explore the latest products brought to market, and the innovative ways in which they use those technologies.

What was once science fiction has become the everyday for the Fanuc team, and we are proud to support their innovation by supplying not only the mechanical solutions to their needs, but ongoing relationships and service which allow us to offer our own expertise and in-depth knowledge of what our products can achieve in the design and development process.

It’s an exciting time for robotics, and we can’t wait to see what Fanuc do next, and be there to help them achieve it with our growing range of components.