As World Environment Day hits the headlines, raising awareness of our impact on the world, the ways we can contribute to protecting it come to the forefront of our minds.

We all know that excessive use of heavy machinery isn’t ideal, when it comes to protecting the environment – but it’s also true that eradicating machinery isn’t a viable solution. Instead, the goal we strive for is to provide ever more efficient solutions for the technologies that help us to progress, and the impact our business has on the environment through the way we work.

One example of these improvements in efficiency is seen in the DynaGear range; the DynaGear Right Angle Gearbox has been designed for highly dynamic servo applications. The high efficiency rating of 96% saves energy costs (92 % at DG-HR) and for such a compact piece of kit, it packs a punch when it comes to performance.

As the UK distributor for Graessner, we are always keen to promote the efficiency and economic benefits of the DynaGear gearbox range, and to maintain our own ethos of eco-friendly functionality as much as we can.

With that in mind we make a concerted effort to recycle the packing materials that protect items received in our warehouse, and we re-use these as much as we can to send on orders to our customers – reducing waste as we process shipments and making sure that we aren’t contributing to overuse of landfill sites in our area.

Every small step you take towards increased efficiency, whether that’s opting to use a more economical gearbox, or reusing a piece of packaging, has a knock on impact on our environment – and we pride ourselves on making these small, conscious steps, forever reducing our carbon footprint and the efficiency of our customers’ projects, bringing the latest in economical gearboxes to the UK market.

Explore the full range of gearboxes or call our sales team to discuss what solutions we can offer to complete your own projects in the most efficient, cost effective ways.