Our range of Wörner Stops is expanding with the release of their new portfolio of pneumatic stoppers. This new range is being released to the UK Market through 2018 and 2019.

Tell me more about the range?

The new PN line has four models, two damped, two undamped, with focus on essential stopper functionality. Technically innovative, we use an all-new, patented solution for transmitting air and lowering force.

These stoppers are also very robust against residual impact, with optimised transmission of this residual force into the base housing. The damping force is now easily adjustable from above.

These innovative designs enable us to produce more cost-effective solutions, while maintaining the same quality we have long been renowned for, resulting in an optimal price-performance ratio.

With an increased scope of application, and lower operating costs, your investment is protected and performance improved compared to older, conventional pneumatic stoppers.

Specific Advantages

Example: PND-65:

  • Increased damping capacity (+ 10 %)
  • Reduced air consumption (- 10 %)
  • Lower cost (- 15 %)
  • Proven robustness and durability, long life (tested for 7,5 million cycles, critical components up to 30 million cycles)

When are they available?

Models PND-65 and PNU-390 are available right now- call us for a quote, and for more details about these stops, or to request a catalogue for these or any other products from our range, or download the catalogues on the links below:

Damped PND-65

Undamped PNU-390

The PND-16 will be available from the end of 2018, and the PND-160 from the middle of 2019.