Graessner DesignGear


Does your precision transmission application require a bespoke solution?

Graessner have long been the leaders in precision and quality bevel gearboxes, with a standard range of robust and long-life products which are used as standard in nuclear handling and aerospace production equipment, among others.

However, there are times when the standard range just doesn’t quite offer what you need – when your design concept takes you somewhere new, has unique requirements; you need more.

When you need a bespoke solution.

This is where Drive Lines and Graessner can help!

With huge experience and worldwide success in robotics, automotive and a wide range of other special applications, Graessner can offer a tailored solution for anything from a longer drive shaft to a complete bespoke housing, gear set and shaft arrangement.

The Drive Lines team can support you locally with the concept of your design, with 3D modelling, and be on-hand to work closely with your own design department to ensure that we can create and supply precisely what you need with the reliability and quality that both we and Graessner have built a reputation on.

Examples of DesignGear Applications


Automotive & Medical technology -High transmission miniature gearbox, hypoid 12:1 ratio with aluminium compact body and grease lubricated


Food industry & Packaging equipment industry – High transmission single-stage angle gearbox in a slim-line, lightweight design for highly dynamic loads with special hollow spline shaft output



If you have an application and would like to discuss a more bespoke, tailored offer, please request a technical discussion call back from one of our expert technicians:

Alternatively take a look at our DesignGear overview

Or call us on 01234 360689 and ask for information on the DesignGear products and how we can tailor our designs to meet your specific needs.