Wörner’s unique, patented pneumatic damping stops have been used as original equipment by many of the top conveyor brands, offering compact, high dynamic force product positioning and stopping for pallet and line flow control for many years.

Now Wörner have made their most popular product, the versatile DBS20/60 stop, even better with an all-new, patented solution for transmitting air and lowering force. In addition, the transmission of damping force into the base housing has been optimised for higher impact loads,

The key advantage to these new stops is that the damping force is now easily adjustable from above, making it easier than ever to improve efficiency.

The innovative design enables Wörner to produce these stops more cost-effectively, whilst maintaining the same quality they are renowned for within the industry, resulting in an optimal price-performance ratio for our customers. This combination of lower operating costs and the increased scope of application will not only protect your investment, it will allow you to perform better in an ever more competitive market compared to those still using more conventional pneumatic stoppers.

Proven to be very robust and durable, tested for 7.5 million cycles (critical components up to 30 million cycles) these stops are just the next step in Wörner’s growing range.

Download the guide here for more details on the range, or contact one of our sales engineers today by calling 01234 360689 or emailing sales@drivelines.co.uk to discuss your needs and let us help you to find the best solution.