We are pleased to bring to our customers a new range of linear chain from Grob, a product which has proven widely popular and which offers variety in functionality when designing linear motion and automation.


When space is limited, or screw jacks and linear actuators aren’t available in the specific size or functionality that your design requires, linear chain can offer more flexibility and both push and pull performance in smaller spaces, awkward spaces and on a large scale when significant motion is required in the most efficient, compact way.

The full range of linear chain offers thrust from 3kN to 35kN and, thanks to the unique locking design, can push as effectively as it pulls, then coiling to be stored unobtrusively in a storage device.

This design makes linear chain the perfect choice for any applications in which more traditional linear motion components, such as screw jacks or actuators, aren’t practical; examples of locations in which linear chain is already successfully implemented are:

  • Lifting tables
  • Stage platforms
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Modern Building Systems
  • Driverless Transport Systems
  • Feeding Furnaces

If you want to learn more about the linear chain range, explore the Linear Chain page, where you can see application examples and download the catalogue, as well as accessing CAD models to apply to your design, or call us today on 01234 360689 and let one of our technical engineers talk you through the range, and how it can meet your needs.


See the Linear Chain in action in this video showing the push/pull functionality and compact storage: