PlanetGear from Nidec Graessner:

You may have noticed that some new pages have been published in our product area – and in case you missed them, let us tell you a little bit more.

Nidec Graessner have been working hard on the production and expansion of their products, and we have been able to detail the expanded range of PlanetGear – their planetary gearboxes – a popular and efficient range of gearboxes suited to a broad range of applications.

Available in the VRL standard range, the VRS precision range and the VRT robot flange range, and with a 1-2 week turnaround on the standard models, we can also configure bespoke items to suit your specific needs if none of these off-the-shelf offerings quite hit the mark.
PlanetGear, planetary gearbox, VRL planetgear from Nidec Graessner

The VRL series is the all-rounder in the planetary gearbox marketplace.

With helical gearing, robust internal construction, smooth operation and high torque density, this product is truly best-in-class. 5 arc-min backlash allows the VRL to be applied to a wide range of applications where accuracy and dynamics are in play, but cost is of concern.

The VRL is an excellent choice for servo applications in packaging, handling and automation systems.

Compact and precise, the VRS is the ideal solution for demanding positioning accuracy and speed requirements.

This product is a proven performer in higher speed, continuous duty applications where heat reduction is critical. Equipped with two rows of robust tapered roller bearings, the VRS runs smoothly and quietly even with the most challenging dynamic and static forces.

The VRS is available with reduced backlash, less than 2 arc-min, to handle dynamic machine tool and robotic applications with ease. With maximum acceleration torques up to 3700Nm, this product is an excellent partner to higher capacity servomotor models.

Our customers specify this product when the industry standard is simply not good enough.

The VRT series sets the new standard in applications requiring extremely high torque density and rigidity.

Its compact design and robotic industry ISO flange is ideal for equipment requiring high speed, high precision indexing movement and streamlined installation.

The remarkable torsional stiffness and ultra-low backlash combine to provide outstanding positioning accuracy. This product comes standard with <3 arc-min backlash, but is also available with reduced options down to <1 arc-min.

The VRT is the most robust planetary solution in the marketplace and is used across a numerous range of applications, including 7th axis robot shuttles, dial tables, end of arm tooling and any other axis where installation space, reduced assembly time and torque density play an important role.


Pop over to the new pages to explore the range – and give us a call on (01234) 360689 or email to request a quote or discuss your application, and which product is best suited to meet your needs.