One of our more popular product solutions is the range of screw jacks and lifting solutions from Grob Antriebstechnik, based in Germany.

complete lifting solution example application


These screw jacks are suited to such a wide range of environments, applications and industries that it’s easy to find the ideal solution for your specific application, no matter what the scale or scope.

As a single component, installed in pairs for larger projects, or as part of a more substantial multiple jack system, Grob’s screw jacks are market leading power transmission solutions which can lift, lower, pivot or move on any scale.

Available as both a special, bespoke solution or as a standard, cost-effective component and with industry-leading lead times of 3-4 weeks; some items can even dispatch to you in as little as 5 working days, with our express options: email us now to find out more about these.

Where some of the other options on the market can be limited to specific environments, and other makers focus on just one design, Grob  – particularly when combined with Drive Lines’ other ranges – offer customers a wider range of solutions for manual, IEC or servo motor driven screw jacks, meaning that you can source complete systems in one place – and, as the UK distribution partner for Grob, we have a long established and successful technical relationship representing their brand in the UK market.

With screw jacks produced with a stroke length of up to ten metres, and with loads of up to 2000kN per jack, these are substantial components and systems. They are popular in large industrial applications and automation, as well as large-scale civil and construction environments. Inherent safety, with self-locking and braked lifting options, contribute to Drive Lines having produced many successful solutions over the last 30 years for applications as varied as aerospace access platforms, confectionery reworking lines, bridge lifting, canning and packaging solutions and even raising dais floors in a number of Cathedrals.

Within the Grob ranges many different areas and applications can be catered for. Cubic and single face jacks for low-duty lifting from 2.5 to 2000kN forces, high-speed and ball screw spindle jacks versions for high-speed and duty applications such as automation and servo motor solutions, or linear chain for compact, long-stroke lifting solutions. They also design and manufacture a range of compact electric actuators up to 26kN, specifically suited to hydraulic cylinder replacement with sealed IP54 and IP65 options for exposed environments.

Grob also recently added stand-alone ball screw and lead screws to their catalogue and website, machined to your drawings and produced ‘in house’ which means you have more options for automation component solutions with a fast turnaround.

With access to a number of quality products from other manufacturers, Drive Lines can offer not just this extensive range of screw jacks and lifting products, but complete lifting solutions using a combination of jacks, motors, couplings, cardan shafts, linear guidance and even control systems.

We have extensive experience with these systems, meaning that we can offer advice and component selections based on your specification.  We take enormous pride in the customer service we are known for throughout the UK manufacturing industry, and in supporting your team through the process through concept , design and completion of applications, with the most reliable components in the game.

Email or call us today on (01234) 360689 to find out more or to ask for a quote. Visit the screw jack product pages to explore the Grob range, 3D models – or download the most recent catalogues and data sheets for the full product range directly from our website.