Business Continuity in 2021

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Drive Lines Technologies, News | 0 comments



Following the latest lockdown announced by the UK government, we would like to re-assure customers that we are continuing with business and have adopted measures to keep our staff safe.

Currently there are two staff on the Drive Lines site in Bedford, working in separate offices, to handle deliveries/shipments and telephone enquiries. The rest of our staff are working from home where they are able to log-in to our central server securely and remotely. Please forgive us if the telephone is not answered in our usual timely fashion.

Staff manning the office are taking preventative measures by following enhanced hygiene procedures, such as hand washing, sanitising and observing the 2m distance rule with any delivery drivers. Of course we have cancelled any business travel or visits to customers, and are replacing face to face meetings with phone and video calls.

Our shipments from our German principals and to our domestic customers are handled by TNT, who are following their own rigid company guidelines on contact with goods in/goods out personnel.

Currently our principals are continuing to manufacture and have adopted their own procedures in accordance with recommended guidelines.




We are pleased that the UK and EU negotiations have resulted in a trade agreement, which will negate the need for import tariffs to be applied to goods manufactured by our European principals.

There is inevitably a cost involved in complying with the more onerous shipping procedures but pleased be assured we will endeavour to keep any cost increases to a minimum. We also expect to experience delays in transit due to enhanced security and customs checking at the border, but hopefully this will settle down in time.

We thank you for your patience during these challenging times and would like to extend our best wishes to your team, and their families, and hope that things return to normal business as soon as possible.