Grob Linear Chain case study

The linear chain–a space saving marvel

The ideal solution for lifting tables

Our daily business is the lifting and transporting of heavy loads. However, installation space is all too often limited. In precisely such cases the versatile linear chain is first choice for our customers.

Let’s take the scissor lift as an example. So that the lifting table can retract as low as possible (for minimum installation height) it requires free space under the platform. Three types of drive come into question here:


  • A spindle drive: this is ruled out if a minimum installation height is demanded because the drive sits directly under the platform.
  • A hydraulic drive: this variant is often ruled out because of the risk of a
    leakage; it is even necessary to employ a special oil for use in the food sector.
  • Linear chain drive: The linear chain is the ideal variant, because it requires
    little installation space and because the chain can be rolled up.