Grob Linear Chain case study

How 20-foot containers are quickly transferred
using the LinearChain

Thousands of trucks transport containers along our motorways every day. On arrival at their destination, the containers must be transferred.

Either a crane or a fork-lift truck is required for this – plus an employee to operate these machines.

That takes time, costs money and ties up resources. So it’s not the ideal choice.

Much more elegant is the solution with the LinearChain – the space-saving marvel manufactured by Grob Antriebstechnik in Sinsheim.

The transfer system consists of a lifting and lateral-pushing construction that is mounted modularly on the truck chassis. The counterpiece on the ContainerMover is the wagon adaptor on the railway wagon, which is secured via the standard container pegs and thus connects the construction on the truck chassis to the railway wagon.

Fast transfer in 5 minutes – thanks to the LinearChain: the spacesaving marvel: the truck drives to the unloading station and is aligned to the railway wagon by means of sensors, the support feet are extended and the height is adjusted.

Under the container there are two so-called “mover bars”, which are equipped with air bellows. Using the remote control, the container is raised off the truck pegs by means of compressed air. Now two LinearChain pairs are moved by two hydraulic motors, each pair moving a rolling mover bar sideways towards the railway wagon.

The container stands on the two mover bars and is thus pushed from the truck onto the railway wagon (when unloading) when loading the truck the procedure is the exact opposite. Now the four LinearChain pull the container onto the truck. Therefore a chain is used here that can “push as well as pull”.