Connecting over longer distances with R+W


Precision line shaft couplings (also known as link shafts, connecting shafts or torque tubes) are used to span longer distances between rotating components. Conventional solutions used to involve two standard flexible couplings and solid shafting, which required intermediate pillow block bearings for support. Newer style precision line shafts can be operated at lengths of up to 6m without any intermediate support required. R+W provides both torsionally rigid and vibration damping line shafts, and Drive Lines are their chosen UK distribution partner, so can supply any of these components for your applications.

Torsionally rigid lines shafts are very similar to metal bellows couplings in terms of their design and technical properties, including very high torsional stiffness and low lateral restoring forces on adjacent shafts.

Vibration damping line shafts with elastomer inserts as the compensating elements absorb vibration and shock loads. In their standard configurations they are available in lengths of up to 4 meters, bore diameters ranging from 5 to 140 mm, and torque capacities of up to 25,000 Nm.

Line shafts without intermediate bearings are found in machine tools, packaging and printing machines, conveyor and crane systems, and production and painting lines, easily spanning lengths of up to six meters. One of our customers in the field of screw jacks frequently needs to transmit high speeds over even larger lengths than standard line shafts can handle. To prevent oscillation and ultimately failures, an intermediate bearing arrangement is usually recommended.

The new solution: a vibration-damping line shaft with rigid hub on one end (EZ2 S), was developed precisely for these applications. The rigid end of each line shaft is clamped to a stub shaft that is supported by angular contact bearings, effectively doubling the possible overall length of the line shaft system. The design still allows faster assembly times than traditional line shaft systems by requiring fewer support bearings.

The full range of R+W EZ2 line shafts, with all the benefits of misalignment compensation, vibration damping, and backlash free transmission, are now available as EZ2 S.