Grob Partner Day 2022

On October 7th Grob hosted an event for European partners to showcase new products, and Drive Lines had a chance to present some of our most successful UK applications that used their industry leading products.

After two years of remote communication it was fantastic to get together with the Grob team, and to meet and reunite with representatives from across Europe, to showcase recent applications and projects, and to learn about the exciting new products that we can now offer to our UK customers.

One of these new products, as part of the LinearChain range, was the TowerChain, which has the unique ability to support loads of up to 60kN on three sides of the chain links, offering security and safety to your motion control.

 Increased rigidity in the chain’s push-pull functionality allows for longer unsupported loads, with an unguided length of up to 4m. The TowerChain is more compact than the existing SK40 LinearChain, and broadens the range of applications the product is suited to.

Another new product in the LinearChain range is the SpindleChain: not only useful as a space-saving element, the SpindleChain is self locking, for motion control and safety, and uses its 90° housing to redirect the force, converting rotary movement into linear movement. The benefit of this is that the force applied to the spindle remains consistent no matter what position the lifting table moves to: the LinearChain is always attached perpendicular to the platform, and always aligned at 90° to the directional force. This also means that no additional space is required: the SpindleChain, LinearChain and housing retract to an extremely flat design, comparative to scissor lift tables with hydraulic cylinders.

If you’re designing an application that the LinearChain, TowerChain or SpindleChain would be ideal solutions for you can also select additional components directly from Grob, including the L045 Direct Mounted Bevel Gear and the LIMAX Linear Actuator.

You can download brochures for all four of these new products direct from our website, as well as Grob’s new Full Product Catalogue, with details on their entire range of components.

For more information, or to discuss which model is the best solution to meet your exact requirements, call the Drive Lines team on 01234 360689 or email

Event Gallery: scroll through to see some great applications, new products, and some of the team who attended

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