R+W recently received an interesting inquiry, from an international customer in the field of automation and drive technology. They’d had problems with their previous drive in a conveyor system, which was used to transport 6 tons of heavy fibre for glass panels, such as LCD/LCM for display screens.

As a result of wear in the previous drive system, some metal abrasion had occurred – and the debris from this had found its way onto the glass surface, damaging quality.

Could R+W offer a solution to this problem?

Easy assembly and compensation for misalignment

R+W supplied a proven and easy to assemble coupling from the series SERVOMAX EKH/4500.

Both the EK6 and EKH were candidates for selection, but due to the very easy lateral assembly, the EKH was chosen as the best solution for the application.

For a long service life and high system performance, the motor and driven shaft are precisely aligned, and then the backlash free coupling is installed once the locations have been fixed.

Mounting on the shafts is achieved with fully split clamping hubs with additional keyways. The vibration damping elastomer insert ensures smooth running, while compensating for any residual axial, parallel or angular shaft misalignment.


Technical Data of the Coupling:

  • Material: steel
  • Finish: nickel plated
  • Rated torque: 6,200 Nm
  • Maximum torque: 11,000 Nm
  • Elastomer hardness:  type B (64 ShD)
  • Application speed: 100 1/min

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