Current Supply Brushes and Inserts

These telescopic brushes have been design to give good transfer of current to the slipring despite the presence of an oil-film. The wire tips of the brush inserts are forced into contact with the case-hardened slipring with a high specific pressure giving a good electrical contact.



Brush Gear for Stromag Electro-magnetic multi disc clutched: EKE, EKD, EFK, EMD, ESD, EMT-K

Electro-magnetic tooth clutches: EZE,EZD, EZA

Type Brush Spec
Holder, Size 60 060-00007 (060-420-020-000)
Dry, Carbon Brush, Size 61 060-00009 (060-420-050-000)
Wet, Bronze, Size 62 060-00011 (060-420-080-000)
Dry, Size 60/61 060-00017 (060-420-450-000)
Wet, Size 60/62 060-00018 (060-420-460-000)


The table below is not exhaustive. Please contact us with your requirements.

Type, Insertion length, Thread Brush Spec
Wet operation, 14mm, M14 x 1.5 6551 101 001, 2LX2 060-0AA
Current Supply Brush SK4, green band
Wet operation, 14mm, M16 x 1.5 6552 102 005, 2LX2 061-0AA
Current Supply Brush TSK6/16, yellow band
6552 202 003, 2LX2 081-0AA
Current Supply Brush Insert TSK6/16E
Wet operation, 22mm, M16 x 1.5 6552 102 002, 2LX2 062-0AB
Current Supply Brush TSN6/16, yellow band
6552 102 002, 2LX2 062-0AB
Current Supply Brush TSN6/16, yellow band
6552 202 001, 2LX2 082-0AB
Current Supply Brush Insert TSN6/16E
Wet operation, 22mm, M18 x 1.5 6553 102 004, 2LX2 064-0AB
Current Supply Brush TSN8, red band
6553 202 002, 2LX2 084-0AB
Current Supply Brush Insert TSN8E
Wet operation, 100mm, M16 x 1.5 6552 105 100, 2LX2 063-0AK
Current Supply Brush TSL6/16, yellow band
6552 203 100, 2LX2 083-0AK
Current Supply Brush Insert TSL6/16E
Wet operation, 100mm, M18 x 1.5 6553 103 100, 2LX2 065-0AK
Current Supply Brush TSL8, red band
6553 203 100, 2LX2 085-0AK
Current Supply Brush Insert TSL8E
Dry operation, 22mm, M16 x 1.5 6553 102 023, 2LX2 062-0BB
Current Supply Brush STN6/16R
6552 202 027, 2LX2 082-0BB
Current Supply Brush Insert STN6/16ER
 Dry operation, 100mm, M18 x 1.5 6553 108 100, 2LX2 065-0BK
Current Supply Brush STL8R
6553 208 100, 2LX2 085-0BK
Current Supply Brush Insert STL8ER

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