We are pleased to announce we have teamed up with John Bennett of Bennett Design Solutions Ltd to offer a comprehensive designing service to our customers.

John has many years of experience in engineering design and development and can work on projects either in partnership with us or directly contracted to our customer.

All we need is the application description, details and a sketch of the project from which John can then discuss an initial concept with estimated costs. These will be reviewed with the customer  before detailed design and manufacturing drawings are produced.  Of course, these can be supplied in various 2D/3D formats as required.

Our Design Services include the following stages that can be individually instructed or a complete turnkey solution

  • Site Survey and 3D modelling
  • Initial Design Concept & Feasibility Study
  • Detailed Design Solution & Parts Specification – 3D Models
  • Detailed Manufacturing Drawings  – 2D CAD
  • Electrical Control and subcontracting
  • Mechanical Build and subcontracting
  • Install and commissioning services

With our principal component suppliers, controls and now design partners, Drive Lines can truly offer the complete transmission solution!

Visit www.beneng.co.uk for details of John’s services.

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