The Nidec Graessner FlexWave – The high precision gearbox

Following an increased demand for higher accuracy from machine tool and robot manufacturers, Nidec Graessner utilised their expertise to develop a new gear reduction mechanism – and the solution is a new strain wave gear, called Flexwave, which addresses the need for high torque density in a lightweight, compact package, combined with zero backlash and high reduction ratios.

Reduction Mechanism:

  • Flex gear and elastic bearing take elliptic shape with the cam inserted.
  • Flex gear and internal gear are engaged at both ends of the long axis of the ellipse in a stable manner.
  • With the internal gear fixed, when the cam (input) is rotated clockwise, the flex gear (output) rotates counterclockwise, and its rotational speed is determined by the tooth count differential between two gears.



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