TwinGear Bevel Helical Input Options

Series K
Solid shaft version with coupling and lantern

Series L
Solid shaft version

Series F
Hollow shaft version with input flange

TwinGear Bevel Helical Output Options

Series L
Solid shaft version, both sides or one side only

Series H
Hollow shaft version with keyway

Series H
Hollow shaft version with extension for shrink disc



  • 8 gearbox sizes from KS10 to KS70
  • Ratios from i = 15:1 to 75:1
  • Input speeds up to 8000 rpm
  • Solid or hollow shaft version with various shaft arrangements
  • Motor mounting via coupling

The KS TwinGear Bevel Helical Gearbox is a high performance and precision gearbox. This two-stage gearbox available in ratios up to i = 75:1 is extremely space-efficient and suits an array of applications. High torsional stiffnes and low backlash ensure a high transmission accuracy. Suitable for high input speeds these gearboxes feature low-noise hypoid bevel gears.

Type Ratio i = 15;1 to 30:1
Nominal Torque
Ratio i = 40:1 & 50:1
Norminal Torque
Ratio i = 60:1 & 75:1
Nominal Torque
KS10 150 110 75
KS20 250 200 125
KS30 480 360 250
KS35 950 700 475
KS40 1750 1300 900
KS50 3200 3200 2550
KS60 5000 5000 4050
KS70 7500 7500 5100


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