The Nidec Graessner Planetary Gearbox for Power and Precision

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Stock sizes are available in common ratios and sizes. Only 1-2 weeks delivery with Servo flange to suit your motor.

Explore the versions by clicking on each image to see more details on available sizes and models.

The VRL, VRS and VRT are directly interchangeable for output sizes with Leading Brand Wittenstein Alpha series Planetary Gearboxes.  And our Gearboxes are rated for bearing life to 20,000 hrs!

All the Nidec Graesner Planetary gearboxes are supplied via Japan for Quality and reliability.


Full power with the highest levels of precision. The PlanetGear from Nidec Graessner has power reserves suited to even the most challenging power transmission requirements.


  • compact design
  • high level of efficiency
  • high torsional rigidity
  • low mass moment of inertia torque
  • high overload capacity
  • high dynamics
  • large transmission ratios

We work in partnership with Nidec Graessner to offer innovative, customised gearbox solutions in a helical-toothed design. The design of the toothing is carried out using KISSsoft and our own design and calculation programs.

In addition to the provision of technical support and advice to our customers, we also take over the entire engineering process. By working closely together with our customers, we guarantee the development and production of the optimum drive solution in each case.

Bespoke Designs

You can also design a bespoke solution for your application; call today to learn more about these bespoke designs, and how we can tailor the range to suit your specifications.



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