• 7 gearbox sizes from 2K120 to 2K2100
  • Ratios from i = 1:1 to i = 4:1
  • Inline planetary design
  • Horizontal or vertical operation
  • Output pulley or spindle shaft
  • Fast downshifting operation
  • Superior low speed performance
  • Low vibration and minimal heat transfer to spindle

The ZF Duoplan Two-Speed Gearbox is mainly used in machine tool main-spindle drives, test benches and applications where tigh torque is needed. Machine tools are designed to be universal so that they can process different materials. This requires both high cutting speeds for soft materials as well as high cutting forces for harder materials. The two-speed gearbox can fulfill this requirement since it can either retain high motor speeds (i = 1:1) or multiply the motor torque (e.g. i = 4:1) and reduce the speed, both by the same factor.



Type Power
Frame Size
sK 120 (121) 19 100 (112)
2K 250 39 132
2K 300 47 160
2K 450 47 160/180
2K 600 63 180
2K 800 (801,802) 84 180 (200,225)
2K 2100 120 225/280

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