ZF’s agreement with Heid Antriebstechnik GmbH covers the range of brake and clutch products no longer manufactured in house by ZF and other manufacturers. All products are directly interchangeable with the obsolete units from ZF.

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  • Replacement for obsolete ZF brakes and clutches
  • Electrically operated multi-disc designs
  • Electrically operated single disc designs
  • Safety brakes and clutches (for NC feed drives)
  • Toothed clutches

We can also supply replacement current supply brushes and inner and outer clutch plates. Please enquire.



ZF Model Alternative
Heid Model
E 0.5, EK 1, EK 2, Ek 2d, EK 5, EK 5d, EK 10, EK 10d, EK 10e, EK 20 LCW-S Electromagnetic slip-ring disc clutch
EK R 0.5, EKR 1, EKR 2, EKR 5, EKR10, EKR 20, EKR 30A, EKR 40A, EKR 60A, EKR 80A, EKR 120A, EKR 160, EKR 250 LKC-S Electromagnetic stationary field multi disc brake
EK 1B, EK 2B, EK 5B, EK 10eB, EK 20dB, EK 20eB, EK 40dB, EK 40eB, EK 60dB, EK 80B, EK 120eB, EK 160B, EK 320B LCBW-S Electromagnetic multi disc brake
EK 0.25ZS, EK 0.5ZS, EK 1ZS, EK 2dZS, EK 5dZS, EK 10dZS, EK 10eZS, EK 20dZS, EK 20eZS, EK 40dZS, EK 60dZS, EK 80ZS, EK 120eZS MZZ-S Electromagnetic slip-ring toothed clutch
EKR 1ZS, EKR 2ZS, EKR 5ZS, EKR 10ZS, EKR 20ZS, EKR 40ZS, EKR 60ZS, EKR 80ZS, EKR 120ZS FZZ-S Electromagnetic stationary field toothed clutch
EK 0.25Z, EK 0.5Z, EK 1Z, EK 2dZ, EK 5dZ, EK 10dZ, EK 10eZ, EK 20dZ, EK 40dZ, EK 60dZ, EK 80Z, EK 120eZ MZK-S Electromagnetic slip-ring toothed clutch
EKR 1Z, EKR 2Z, EKR 5Z, EKR 10Z, EKR 20Z, EKR 40Z, EKR 60Z, EKR 80Z, EKR 120Z FZK-S Electromagnetic stationary field toothed clutch

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