Linear Ball Screw and Nut

Linear Ball Screw can be machined to requirements

Ball Screw End Support

Ball Screw End Supports



For your industrial needs
Our range of precision ball screws enables cost effective high speed and high precision actuation for automation and industrial applications. With a number of styles and size options coupled with short lead times and complete machining to your requirements, we can deliver what you need, when you need it.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide range of accuracy class C5-C10
  • Preload and axial play options P0-P2 grade
  • Rolled and precision ground screws
  • Screw diameters from 12-80mm

Flange & Non Flange Nuts
International standard sizes and DIN spec nuts to suit all applications. SFS, DFS, SFI, DFI, SFU and DFU single and double length flange nuts. SCI non flange compact nuts for space saving applications. Specials on request.

Shaft End Support Bearings
Standard size fixed and floating end support bearings. FF and FK flange style and BK, BF, EK, EF base mounted support units. Complete with locking nuts and thrust bearings included for a ready to install system. We can also supply couplings to match your motor drive.

Shaft End Machining
Drive Lines can provide very cost effective, fast and accurate machining of the ball screw ends to suit our end bearing supports or your own design. We can work to your drawings and produce a fully machined ball screw with nut and support bearings in just 2-3 weeks.

Part No. Style Size Range
(Dia x Lead mm)
K (kg/µm)
Basic Load
Rating Dynamic
Static (kg) 2D CAD File


SCI Non flanged 16×04-80×10 32-109 973-7,346 2,406-3,1953 SCI 2D CAD
SFE Flanged 16×16-50×50 29-155 1,021-11,820 2,409-38,859 SFE 2D CAD
SFU Flanged 12×04-100×20 26-162 902-14,303 1,884-60,698 SFU 2D CAD
DFU Flanged double nut 16×04-100×20 43-222 973-14,303 2,404-60,698 DFU 2D CAD
SFI Flanged 16×04-80×10 32-109 973-7,346 2,406-31,953 SFI 2D CAD
DEI Flanged double nut 16×04-80×10 44-156 973-7,346 2,406-31,953 DFI 2D CAD
SFS Flanged 12×05-100×20 19-152 661-19,633 1,316-71,408
DFS Flanged double nut 16×05-100×20 41-208 1112-19,633 2,507-71,408

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