• NEMA size 11 (28mm square) and size 17 (42mm square)
  • Travel lengths from 10-400mm. Loads up to 9kg
  • Anti-backlash lead screw nut
  • Step motor and anti-backlash couplings included
  • OEM application and modifications encouraged
  • XY, XZ, XYZ and Gantry mounting hardware optional
  • Travel limits and Accuriss programmable motor optional


  • Up to 90kg of load
  • Travel lengths 6”, 12”,18” and 24”
  • Anti-backlash lead screw nut
  • Ceramic linear bushings
  • Step motor and anti backlash couplings included
  • Travel limits and Accuriss programmable motor optional


  • NEMA size 11 (28mm square) and size 23 (57mm square)
  • step motors
  • Drive, controller and I/O built in
  • Three stack lengths and holding torque from 8.3 to
  • 262 ozf in (5.86-184.97 Ncm)
  • Robust RS485 communication
  • Up to 16 units daisy chained
  • S curve acceleration profiles included on size 23
  • Simple and highly functional command language,
  • PC programable
  • Starter kits available


  • NEMA size 17 (42mm square) and size 23 (60mm square)
  • Lead screws with Anti-backlash or plain nut
  • Nuts and bushings mounted on either front or back of motor
  • Motor can be full, half or micro stepped
  • Unique centering bushing option.



Solutions in Motion

We represent USAutomation, an OEM supplier of innovative and cost effective motion control solutions. The range of linear positioning stages and intelligent step motors provide cost effective, precision solutions for your high tech and miniature applications.

Product Size Travel Length Step Motor Size Dynamic Capacity
Microstage 28 28mm square 10-205mm Nema 11 Axial Load to 2.3kg
Microstage 42 42mm square 40-400mm Nema 17 Axial Load to 9kg
Twintrac 5″W x 2.65″H 6,12,18 & 24″ Nema 23 Axial Load to 90kg
Accuriss Intelligent Motor 28mm square & 57mm square N/A Nema 11 & 23 Torque 5-185Ncm

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