IEC Motors

2, 4, 6 and 8 pole 3 phase motors

For screw jacks and general gearbox applications where no brake is required, or used with a self-locking gearbox ratio.

IEC Brake Motors

2, 4, 6 and 8 pole 3 phase motors

With mechanical brake fitted from factory

For screw jack and gearbox secondary safety applications and for position holding for ballscrews and spindles.

Brake Kit

Can retrofit to standard IEC motors

Quick delivery from held stock

hand release options available

Geared motors / geared brake motors

High reduction ratios for linear chain applications

Increase torque and slow motor output speeds

Special Design motors

Twin shaft, encoder fitted, stainless steel, Atex explosion rated, marine spec, submerged and many other solutions available on request, designed to meet your specific needs.


PTB certified ATEX brake motors for Gas and Dust zones, 71 – 315 frame.  ATEX encoders and forced ventilation motors available.

We are partnered with key Central European suppliers to offer our customers a fully integrated drive package for the industry- this includes electric motors, quality frequency inverters, coolant pumps and other associated products.

Along with our technical partners, we can support our customers whether it be specifying motors across a range of voltages, frequency inverters or other associated industrial products.

For information on the correct efficiency rating for motors used in the EU click link.

Brake motors can be delivered assembled or the brake kit can be purchased, however general technical knowledge will be required to mount the Brake Kit on standard electric motors.

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