Video showcases LinearChain in use

This fantastic video shows the Milmeq plate freezer in action; in the video - starting from 1min 6sec in the link below - you can see the Grob LinearChain in action, sliding the boxed food forward into the freezer compartments. This is an ideal application for the LinearChain, suited to high loads, compact spaces and [...]

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Benefits of screw jacks

Once again we are singing the praises of a range of products we supply in significant numbers to our customers; we have discussed electrical cylinder actuators and the push/pull linear chain recently – but there are a great many occasions when a simple and reliable screw jack is the right component for your application. Let’s [...]

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Electrical Cylinder Actuators

Our last article looked at the benefits of linear chain for specific linear motion needs – but we know that for many situations, linear actuators remain a popular choice and are suited to a wide range of applications. There are many options for linear motion, and of these we believe that electrical linear actuators are [...]

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Linear motion alternatives

There have been many articles written discussing the pros and cons of various linear motion alternatives, and for many years the choices have been limited to hydraulic, pneumatic and electric cylinder actuation; in fact, if you search “electric or hydraulic linear actuator” in Google, seeking advice on which direction to take, you’ll find over eight [...]

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What is a coupling and do you need one?

What is a coupling? A coupling is a component which joins two shafts and transfers torque from a driven shaft (driving force) to a driven shaft component. An example of this is a propeller – the motor shaft drives a coupling, which is then attached to the propeller blades – and thus the motor can [...]

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What are Torque and Tension?

Torque = T Force = F Torque = force from turning or twisting Tension = power from a straight pull (this differs from torque) So Torque is used to create Tension Why is Torque necessary? Example A: threaded objects (example: bolts securing a motor in position) Lack of torque (lightly tightened) = bolts will loosen [...]

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New Power Gear HS catalogue with expanded range

The latest catalogue from Graessner includes a wider range from their popular Power Gear HS range; the addition of the S75 to the range means a wider range of application needs can be met by this reliable highspeed range of gearboxes; get your copy of the catalogue from our Power Gear product page, or call [...]

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Grob Linear Chain in action

Grob Linear Chain is one of the most revolutionary products we sell; able to both push and pull, thus lift and lower, the linear chain is a great solution for any environment which requires significant power over large distances, but which has limited space for storing the source of that linear motion when not in [...]

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Stock clearance

We have a range of splined & Polygon P4 shaft and hub stock which we are offering at a discount to our customers. This range is one we have supplied in the past, and maintained stock for legacy customers – but with new products to promote we have decided to sell the stock as a [...]

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How is Industry 4.0 impacting the manufacturing industry?

In recent months we have seen a growing swing towards automation in processing and manufacturing – and our own product range has moved in the same direction as people are looking for more ways to simplify and automate how things are made, processed and shipped. So how are we embracing this fourth industrial revolution, and [...]

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