What is a bevel gearbox?

What is a bevel gearbox? There are many different kinds of gearbox – or gearhead, as some prefer – and the bevel gearbox is one of the most commonly used in automation and power transmission applications. The name refers to the gear within the gearbox – i.e. bevel gears – a single stage unit which [...]

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Nidec Graessner Corporate Video

Nidec Graessner There have been a lot of changes from Nidec Graessner in recent months - and this video showcases the history and current corporate position, highlighting the quality pride from the production. Bevel gears create powerful systems using housings, shafts, flanges and bearings. Your complex design is in good hands with Nidec [...]

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R+W Precision Safety Couplings

Learn about the basic design, function, and handling of R+W ball-detent torque limiters and safety couplings, including how to properly adjust the disengagement torque value, and re-engage fully disengaging versions.

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Quick turnaround and a wider selection from Nidec Graessner

PlanetGear from Nidec Graessner: You may have noticed that some new pages have been published in our product area - and in case you missed them, let us tell you a little bit more. Nidec Graessner have been working hard on the production and expansion of their products, and we have been able to detail [...]

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ADE Werk celebrate 70 years

Last week some of our team members were invited to ADE Werk to join their 70th anniversary celebrations. Ian Carr, Managing Director, Peter Moody and Matt Jones, Technical Sales Engineers, made the journey to Offenburg to learn more about the new products ADE have released, and then enjoy the fine dining and superb hospitality of [...]

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Video showcasing the Mitre Gates for Ipswich flood defence

See more about this Case Study on our news page;   Drive Lines were part of the design and build process for the Ipswich Flood Defence system - and these mitre gates are a vital component of the wider system designed to protect the area from the risk of flood damage.  This video shows  [...]

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Case Study: Ipswich Flood Defence – Mitre Gates

  Drive Lines Technologies were recently part of the manufacturing and design process for part of the Ipswich Flood Defence Management Scheme (FDMS). Hunton Engineering Ltd. were commissioned to provide Volker Stevin contractors with a mitre gate solution with flap seals, designed to protect against flood risks. As part of the new multi-faceted FDMS, the [...]

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Couplings page redesigned with a broader range

We have been partnered with R+W as their UK distributor for many years, and the quality and reliability of their products make them a popular choice for many of our customers. To better promote the full range, and in line with their own branding, we have redesigned our Couplings pages to showcase more of the [...]

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Video showcases LinearChain in use

This fantastic video shows the Milmeq plate freezer in action; in the video - starting from 1min 6sec in the link below - you can see the Grob LinearChain in action, sliding the boxed food forward into the freezer compartments. This is an ideal application for the LinearChain, suited to high loads, compact spaces and [...]

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Benefits of screw jacks

Once again we are singing the praises of a range of products we supply in significant numbers to our customers; we have discussed electrical cylinder actuators and the push/pull linear chain recently – but there are a great many occasions when a simple and reliable screw jack is the right component for your application. Let’s [...]

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