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Planetary Gears from IMS Gear – available in the Eco, Pro or Drive ranges – an evolution in product design.

Designed and developed in consistent orientation towards the specific requirements of customers: the Eco line continues the previous IMS PK Planetary Gears, the Pro range replaces the previous PM range, and Drive products are the evolution of what was the C (Compact) Gears.



Proven Quality

A range of plastic planetary gearboxes from the Eco series – combining IMS quality, efficiency and economy.

  • versatile
  • good efficiency
  • strong in price-performance


Convincing Power Packs

The more robust metal planetary gears in the Pro series combine the expected high-performance with a more robust and lasting build.

  • versatile
  • high to highest efficiencies
  • resistant and durable


Power that Inspires

IMS released their new Drive series in 2023, specifically developed for the special requirements of wheel drives.

  • strong power transmission
  • small installation space
  • low noise level


Requesting CAD Models

CAD Models are available on request; you can download the Data Sheets for each individual model, and email for CAD models, and guidance on selecting the best product for your application


IMS Gear – Planetary Gears designed to provide you with a range of off-the-shelf solutions to complete your applications with great quality and high level design. If this ready-made range doesn’t quite meet your specifications you can request a special design, made to your exact requirements, and receive the same quality and attention to detail to complete your application to the highest potential.

For IMS Gear , movement is part of daily business. After all, their planetary gears are an indispensable component when it comes to directing power in the right direction, for a wide variety of industries and fields of application.

As an experienced manufacturer, IMS Gear are already part of countless applications in a wide variety of areas, combining tried-and-tested solutions with new ideas – ensuring that the world of tomorrow gets the drive it deserves. 

  • Type
  • 1-Stage Torque (Nm)
  • 2-Stage Torque (Nm)
  • 3-Stage Torque (Nm)
  • Data Sheet
  • CAD Model (Stage)

In 2023 IMS Gear re-launched their product range, evolving from the previous product names and ranges to expand availability and variety for a growing market.

The previous products still exist, but under new names and with a wider variety: the link below gives the full overview of the new products and which of the old versions they align with.