Spindle Chain


SpindleChain enables constant linear force progression

No matter what position the lifting table moves to the force to be applied to the spindle always remains the same, since the LinearChain is always attached perpendicular to the platform.

Space-saving in the direction of force with high power density:

Since the chain and spindle are always aligned at 90° to the direction of force, no additional space needs to be provided in the floor.

Spindle, LinearChain and housing enable an extremely flat design when retracted. In contrast to scissor lift tables with hydraulic cylinders, the scissors can be fully retracted.

Trapezoidal thread spindle enables self-locking:

A major advantage for critical applications is the protection against collapse. By using the trapezoidal thread spindle, the combination achieves static or dynamic self-locking and is therefore prevented from falling down in the event of a power failure.

Case Studies from Grob demonstrating the Linear Chain in action