Tower Chain


The TowerChain – an innovative element in drive technology

For loads up to 60KN (6000Kg) and up to 4000mm stroke length – with no guidance required 

TowerChain from Grob:

The TowerChain goes the extra mile in terms of both load and unguided stroke length – achieving greater
stability over a longer distance.

Lighter overall than the standard LinearChain SK40 this TowerChain makes it possible to achieve a higher force density in a smaller installation space.

Decreasing weight and smaller geometry of the individual chain links not only allows for higher strokes, with moderately increasing torque, italso makes applications possible where the wider SK40 was unsuitable.

The chain links consist of U-profile-like angles which interlock with each other. This results in twofold improvements on stability:

• The geometry creates a much higher contact area between the chain links. If the chain links were placed at ground level, the chain could be stacked vertically without additional anchors. Viewed from the outside, this would create a
chain tower (TowerChain).

• The additional interlacing of the chain links with each other leads to an increase in buckling resistance. This makes lifting heights of over 4000mm possible with a load of up to 60kN.

Case Studies from Grob demonstrating the Linear Chain in action


Technical specifications:

Tower chain allows for loads of up to 60KN (6000Kg) and up to 4000mm stroke length with no guidance required