Waterways - Levelling, Rivers, Weirs and Canals

Waterways – Levelling, Rivers, Weirs and Canals

Drive Lines are involved in waterways management projects throughout the UK, supplying electro mechanical solutions with extensive success, with a range of industry leading products for practical, large and small scale water management and offering environmentally friendly alternatives to hydraulics.

We can provide solutions for your project and support you with experienced technical and application advice, including product selection and CAD models

Drive Lines – and our Principals, ADE-WERK – have extensive experience with lock gates, sluice gates and other waterways applications, and have provided many successful electro-mechanical solutions to our customers. We can work to your key specifications, and we offer detailed information on recommended products to suit your concept or design for manufacture.

Make the change from Hydraulic to Electrical Actuators for clean, efficient control

With increasing demand for eco-friendly components and clean water management solutions we are seeing customers seeking electrical actuators over hydraulics for sluice gates, canals and waterways nationwide.

Our team can guide you towards the right solution for your needs, whether it’s for a single location or a national canal system, and can help you to design the cleanest, safest solution.

Canal maintenance is increasingly important, and significant investment is being made into protecting the waterways of Britain.

Drive Lines have worked in partnership with design consultants, civil engineers, large engineering firms, Scottish Canals and large energy suppliers on water management applicatons, supplying and recommending the best components from industry leading suppliers.

Rivers and Canals

Water management covers a wide range of engineering needs, and Drive Lines work with specifically selected manufacturers of industry leading components for water management across the UK’s extensive river and canal infrastructure.

Significant investment is being made into the UK’s waterways, and into more eco-friendly solutions for these applications and restoration projects.

Explore the range of applications and solutions which are designed for clean, efficient water management, and contact the team to discuss your application and discuss what options would best meet your specific requirements.

Lock and Mitre Gates

Weirs and Sluice Gates

ADE-WERK Products

A core area of expertise for ADE-WERK is the development of electric linear actuators for the operation of sluice gates in shipping canals. Since the first installation in 1995, there are now over 900 drives of this type supplied by ADE-WERK in use throughout mainland Europe. The growing trend to utilise electric actuators instead of traditional hydraulics have been fuelled by the environmental benefits and operating cost reductions

ADE Canal gate project

ADE-WERK Canal Gates Example

A video showcasing the ADE-WERK linear actuators in action controlling navigation locks on a European Canal project, detailing the specifications of the components

AUMA Products

As part of the ADE-WERK solutions, the AUMA multi-turn actuators can be  incorporated to provide a geared motor solution with positioning control and functionality. As a partner to Drive Lines, we can provide AUMA products directly for your sluice and lock gate requirements

Manual override and emergency power tools

Hand-wind manual operation is also an option for ADE-WERK and AUMA products, should power be lost in an emergency situation or for maintenance operations. Opening and closing the gate can require many handwheel turns, which can be difficult and take considerable time. A solution for this is a powerful, hand-held, battery power tool  which can fitted to the AUMA actuator for manual operation. Contact us for more details.

Fairfield Control Systems

Integral to the electromechanical actuators solution is the electrical infrastructure and control. Our recommended control partner for these projects is Fairfield Control Systems.

Experienced in large scale canal and waterways projects, they are perfectly positioned to manage the electrical aspects of your project with the ADE-WERK and AUMA solutions.

Example Applications

ADE-WERK Applications

Drivelines are the UK distribution partner for ADE-WERK – and we have worked on a huge range of applications across the UK.

To explore these, and applications across Europe which showcase the capabilities and range of ADE-WERK products. follow the button below to their website and case studies which demonstrate the huge variety of electrical actuators in practical application.