Grob Cubic Screw Jacks MJ/BJ Series

Cubic Screw Jacks are used wherever controlled lifting, lowering and slewing is required. They can be installed singly, in pairs or as part of a multiple jack system.

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Grob Single Face Classic Screw Jacks MC

Classic Single Face Screw Jacks service a wide variety of application areas. Manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic options. Stroke length of up to 10 metres possible.

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Grob High Speed Screw Jacks KH

High Speed Screw Jacks contain spiral bevel gear sets made from high quality case hardened alloy steel.

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Lifting Solutions

We can specify and provide all the key components required for your lifting solution.

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Control Systems

We can provide bespoke control systems built to your specification with our screw jack systems. We work with a Machine Tool Service Provider who has become a Siemens solution partner.

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Standard IEC Motors

We offer a range of motors designed to support your screw jacks and gearbox applications or standalone requirements. Our choice of motors are supplied by Exico Electric Motors Ltd. We can offer 3-phase IE2 and IE3 motors, ATEX-explosion proof motors, brake motors and single phase motors.

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For some applications screw jacks are am imperfect solution; if space is limited or your design has specific parameters screw jacks can’t meet, explore our range of Linear Chain – a compact, space saving solution.

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