Version LM – Rotating (Travelling)

Bevel Gear Screw Jack

Lifting Example




Force kN
 Spindle Size Lifting speed at 1500 r/min
Ratio m/min Ratio m/min Ratio


 KH090 15.0 Tr 24×5 1:1 7.5 2:1 3.75 3:1 2.5
 KH140 40.0 Tr 40×7 1:1 10.5 2:1 5.25 3:1 3.5
 KH230 90.0 Tr 60×9 1:1 13.5 2:1 6.75 3:1 4.5
Many accessories are available from spinde ends, safety nuts, bellows, limit switches, trunnion
adaptors, mounting feet to motors and motor adaptor flanges.

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