Grob Screw Jack Sensor

The Grob Screw Jack sensor automatically switches a signal when the preset limit value is reached. The
downstream control signals that maintenance of the system or replacement of the gearbox will
have to be carried out in the foreseeable future.

The following faults can be programmed to trigger this intervention:

1. Insufficient lubrication (gear and spindle must be cleaned and relubricated)
2. Overload (reduce load, check parameters, level gear or system, eliminate extreme
asymmetry of load distribution in lifting systems)
3. Sensor defective (cable break monitoring)

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Screw jacks are now able to talk to us!

Preventive and predictive maintenance for screw jacks is now possible without major expenditure and costs. A sensor can be used to determine the defined point at which there is a risk of failure of a screw jack or a lifting system.

By immediately intervening when the fault signal appears a total failure of the system or a major delay in production during the period of spare parts procurement is prevented.

Maintenance of the system can be planned at short notice or the error that led to the failure signal can be identified and remedied.

For production systems which have been available 24/7, the costs in the event of an incalculable machine downtime are very high.
By linking it to a downstream controller, the screw jack is suitable for Industry 4.0.

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