Separating Stops

The robust, low-cost basic version. Can be deployed in scenarios where one or multiple pallets must be placed in a defined position. High productivity is assured thanks to short cycle times.

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Angle Dampers

Angle dampers are employed for a change of direction, typically for shock-sensitive or fragile parts. A continuously adjustable pneumatic damping mechanism gently stops the pallet arriving from the upstream (literal or traverse) direction and subsequently guides it in the required downstream (traverse or lateral) direction.

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Index Cylinders

The index cylinders assure precise vertical lifting of pallets – making them ideal for rapid positioning. The work piece can be processed and assembled without being affected by vibrations. Electronic sensors can be integrated to identify the upper and lower positions of the stop.

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Anti Bounce Stops

Pneumatically lowered anti-bounce stops hold the pallet with work piece in exactly the required position. These modules are generally employed in conjunction with un-damped separating stops, and are recommended for low-friction transfer systems.

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Total control of palletised loads in automated processes

WörneR Stops are modular, compact, adaptable stopping and separating devices for automated material handling. Damped and undamped versions are used where pallet loads must be precisely stopped or separated or their direction controlled.

Suitable for both belt and roller conveyors they can be simply fitted and adapted for either local or central control. Where damped, the effect adjusts automatically to compensate for varying loads. Easily retro-fitted to existing systems

  • Optimum damping regardless of actual load level
  • Short cycle times due to higher point to point speeds
  • Shock elimination protects delicate assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Adapts to varying speeds simplify automated handling
  • Noise & shock reduction a welcome side effect in any assembly environment

WörneR damped stops use atmospheric air for damping and compressed air or electrics for indexing. They provide precise and shock free stopping and separation for pallet loads on all types of conveyor systems. Designed to protect palletised loads and the structure of the conveyor, from the repeated shock and vibration produced by dead stops. From 0.25kg up to 1500 kg force. Speeds up to 36 m/min.

Wörner undamped stops are applied to simple systems or where intermediate holding of work pieces is necessary on slow moving systems.

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