• 6 gearbox sizes from PG 25 to PG 3000
  • Integer ratio from i = 3:1 to i = 100:1
  • Input speeds up to 10,000 rpm
  • Max motor shaft dia 60mm
  • Standard and reduced backlash options
  • Co-axial input and output arrangment
  • Same input and output direction
  • Motor connection via coupling with clamping hub

Precision Planetary Gearheads are used in machine tools, robots and a wide range of automation engineering applications. Greased for life, they are maintenance-free and can be mounted in any attitude.

PG CAD Files


*Please note CAD files have generic input flanges.

For specific flange files contact us.


Type Single-Stage Two-Stage
PG25 step file icon2 step file icon2
PG100 step file icon2 step file icon2
PG200 step file icon2 step file icon2
PG500 step file icon2 step file icon2
PG1200 step file icon2 step file icon2
PG3000 step file icon2
Type Single-Stage Torque
at i=5:1 (Nm)
Two-Stage Torque
at i=25:1 (Nm)
PGE 25 25 25
PGE 100 100 100
PGE 200 200 200
PGE 500 500 500
PGE 1200 1200 1200
PGE 3000 3000 3000
i= 3:1. 4:1, 5:1,
7:1, 10:1
i= 20:1, 25:1, 35:1,
40:1, 50:1,100:1
6 to 4 arcmin 8 to 6 arcmin
3 to 2 arcmin 6 to 4 arcmin

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