• Solve all tension control problems
  • Non contact – wear free
  • Maintenance free
  • Continuously variable torque
  • Slip power up to 2000W
  • Simplified manual set-up
  • Open and closed loop control
  • Complete systems

ZF Hysteresis Brakes and Clutches provide a cost effective simple solution in tension control applications. The exact control and unique combination of, continuously variable contact free, and therefore wear free, torque transmission is ideally suited to all manufacturing processes where control of tension is required; for example, the production of endless products such as wire, cable, paper and foil.



Technical Data Units EBU
Nominal torque at speed n Tp (Nm) 0.75 3.0 12.5 38
Permitted speed in continuous
mode at nominal torque
n (rpm) 3,200 1,500 750 500
Permitted slip power in continuous mode P (W) 250 500 1,000 2,000

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