Current Supply Brushes and Inserts

These telescopic brushes have been designed to enable good transfer of current to the slipring despite the presence of an oil-film. The wire tips of the brush inserts are forced into contact with the case-hardened slipring with a high specific pressure ensuring good electrical contact.

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Heid Electromagnetic Brakes & Clutches

If you are on the hunt for any of ZF’s obsolete brake and clutch products, you have come to the right place.  ZF’s agreement with Heid Antriebstechnik GmbH enables us to stock them at Drive Lines Technologies. All products are directly interchangeable with the obsolete units from ZF.

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ZF Tension Control Hysteresis Brakes & Clutches

ZF Hysteresis Brakes and Clutches provide a cost-effective and simple solution in tension control applications. This torque transmission boasts precise control and continuously variable contact-free (and therefore wear-free); it is ideally suited to all manufacturing processes where control of tension is important, (E.g. the production of endless products such as wire, cable, paper and foil.)

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ZF Single Disc Brakes and Clutches

Thanks to their technical advantages, their respectively simple setup and their opportune outside dimensions, electromagnetically operated single-disk clutches and brakes are increasingly used for the automation of mechanical working processes. Their application ranges from the drive circuits of systems with uneven loads to the precise controlling of working cycles with high shift frequency.

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